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RecoveryTherm Cube smart hot and cold compress soothing device

RecoveryTherm Cube smart hot and cold compress soothing device

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It is scientifically proven that instant cold compresses, hot compresses and alternating hot and cold compresses can effectively reduce stiffness. With our proprietary Cryothermal Technology, temperatures and times are scientifically optimized for effective relief. Additionally, the Cube is wearable and portable.

Hot compress:
• Reduce stiffness • Relax muscles

Cold compress:
• Reduce swelling

Alternate hot and cold:
• Combine the benefits of cold and heat compresses

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Effective, simple, whenever you need it.

It starts immediately at the touch of a button, instantly providing scientific cold compresses, hot compresses and alternating hot and cold compresses, all with one machine.

3 simple modes

cold compress

Say goodbye to troublesome, watery ice packs. Use Cube's cold compress to instantly relieve discomfort.

Hot compress

Soothe everyday discomforts and feel better with Cube's hot compresses and say goodbye to the hassle of heating pads.

Alternate hot and cold compresses

A smarter way to relax. Easily switch between cold and hot compresses for quick, effective relaxation after any workout. Alternating hot and cold compresses combines the advantages of cold compresses and hot compresses, which is more effective!

Exclusive Cryothermal Technology

Wearable + Portable

Anytime, anywhere, wherever you want

It can be held by hand or secured with the comfortable and adjustable straps to any part of the body that needs hot or cold compresses.

Accuracy + Science

Save yourself the hassle of hot and cold compress bags

Cube uses the optimal temperature and time, saving worry, effort and time!

Simple + effective

You almost forget to wear it

Choose from 3 simple preset modes - Cold, Hot, and Alternate Hot and Cold, and continue enjoying your other activities.


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Contains items

  • RecoveryTherm Cube Device
  • Cube with frame
  • A belt 60 cm long
  • A tape 100 cm long
  • USB-C charging cable

Dimensions <br/>Device dimensions are 11cm x 5.6cm x 7.9cm

Dimensions with strap cover are 116.8cm x 55.1cm x 110cm

The length of the short strap is 49.8 cm and the length of the long strap is 100 cm

Weight <br/>Total weight 450g (including device, case and two straps)

Device weight alone is 345 grams

The weight of the strap attachment cover is 20 grams

Long strap weighs 50 grams

Short strap weight 35g

Battery life <br/>Heat and cold therapy are 120 minutes each, and the comparison therapy is 60 minutes.

Materials <br/>The device housing is made of plastic (PC+ABS) and aluminum in the active area. The cover is made of plastic (PC+ABS) and silicone. Straps are made of rubber and devil straps.

1 year limited warranty


Get started <br/>Press and hold the cold or heat button to activate the device.

Cold Compress <br/>Press and hold the Cold Compress (Snowflake) button to start. When the cold compress starts, the cold button will appear blue. Short press the cold button during the cold compress process to switch temperature options: 1 LED light: 16℃ (61℉) (default), 2 LED lights: 12℃ (54℉), 3 LED lights: 8℃ ( 46℉). The time will last 18 minutes.

Heat <br/>Press and hold the heat (heat wave) button to start. When the heat application begins, the heat button will appear orange. Short press the heat button during the application process to switch temperature options: 1 LED light: 35℃ (95℉) (default), 2 LED lights: 39℃ (102℉), 3 LED lights: 43℃ (109 ℉). The time will last 24 minutes.

Alternate hot and cold compresses <br/>Press and hold the cold and hot compress buttons at the same time. Both the cold and hot compress buttons will light up for 20 minutes, alternating every five minutes and then repeating. During the process, press the cold or hot button briefly to switch temperatures. Treatment time does not reset when changing temperature.

The RecoveryTherm Cube can be used hand-held or secured in a specific area using the supplied Cube frame and straps. The device can be used directly on the skin or through light clothing. When using it by hand, place the Therabody logo facing outward. Hold using the recommended flat holding areas on each side without covering the vents or use the device with a gentle massage.