Apple Arcade 免費試用現已開放,Backbone 用戶專屬。

A free trial of Apple Arcade is now available, exclusive to Backbone users.

Start playing today Sonic Dream Team ! All Backbone users now have access to a free three-month trial of Apple Arcade*, which offers over 200 games, ongoing new releases, award-winning titles, and popular titles from the App Store such as Gear.Club Stradale, Hello Kitty Island Adventure, Junkworld TD and Retro Bowl+ and more.

To play Apple Arcade games, open the Backbone app and select Apple Arcade to explore the latest games.

Players can redeem a three-month free trial of Apple Arcade in the Backbone app. You will receive a message when creating your account, or you can do it within the Backbone app.

Apple Arcade has more than 200 mobile games for you to choose from! We’ve picked out some of our favorites!

backbone one Sonic Dream Team

Sonic Dream Team
Join Sonic and dive into the fantasy world of dreams! Uncover a unique and engaging storyline while taking control of six dynamic characters. Leverage their unique abilities to dash, climb and fly against the infamous Eggman , conquer and win!

backbone one TMNT Splintered Fate

Slynt's fate

Splinter is arrested. The Ninja Turtles attack. New York City is in chaos! Enter Shattered Destiny's time loop of combat, adaptation, and repetition to put things right.

backbone one Gear.Club Stradale

Gear.Club Stradale
You can spend a long vacation in a beautiful villa with plenty of time to drive the most beautiful supercars. Play alone or build your dream garage with friends, only on Apple Arcade.

*Apple Arcade offer ends on May 8, 2025. After the trial ends, your Apple Arcade subscription will automatically renew and you can cancel on your own.

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