• Personalized vibration settings

    Featuring a variety of powerful vibration frequencies that can be manually adjusted or personalized through the Therabody app to help relieve pain, reduce tension, increase range of motion, and improve mobility.

  • Smart connection

    Connect your device to the Therabody app and take full control of your scrolling experience. Adjust the vibration intensity and discover a Wave range of treatments tailored to your needs.

  • Innovative corrugated texture

    Muscle work is all about applying pressure at different angles to the areas that are needed. The Wave Series is unique in that its innovative silicone corrugated grooves add an extra dimension of pressure to the muscles while providing superior traction control.

  • Precise shape design

    Our founder, Dr. Jason Wersland, designs the precise shape of each device, and we work with scientists and engineers to ensure they comfortably deliver the ideal angle of pressure to specific areas of the body.

Wave Solo

The spherical shape and small surface area focus powerful shock and pressure on specific areas such as the feet and hip flexors. QuietRoll Technology™ effectively cancels resonant sounds from your surroundings.

Wave Duo

The carefully designed contoured shape comfortably targets the back and neck muscles on either side of the spine while avoiding additional pressure on the spine itself.

Wave Roller

Equipped with 5 powerful vibration settings, the whole body rolling effect is doubled. Maximize your rolling range and target those larger muscle groups.