• “Perfectly suitable for athletes who don’t like in-ear headphones”

  • "The open design is healthier, safer, and the bass is more satisfying."

  • "These fantastic true wireless headphones stand out from traditional in-ear styles with their unique open-back design."

  • "High-quality audio enjoyment that comes beyond your ears."

  • "Comfortable, long battery life (16 hours), rugged and IPX4 waterproof, it will be the perfect companion for athletes, no doubt about it."

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ultimate comfort

Triple the battery life

Epic sound quality

Embark on your audio journey

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Oladance: Satisfied users in more than 30 countries around the world

"I'm super satisfied with the comfort of Oladance headphones. I was originally worried that they might be uncomfortable - because I have sensitive ears that are not used to most headphones." ─ Leah 2022/08/11

"The sound is great - whether it's music or calls, I give it a higher rating than other headphones. At least as good as my Soundcore Q20 headphones, and the podcast and audiobook performance is also excellent." ─ Poppy Seaberry 2022/07/11

"The battery life is great. I wore them to listen to Spotify for 10 hours without worrying about them running out of battery. I used them for two days without any problems." ─ RB 2022/07/14

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