Stay active with the new Theragun mini.

Ergonomic design

Easy to hold. Easy to use. Theragun's patented triangular design allows you to reach more parts of your body than the competition.

Standard grip

Comfortably reaches 80% of the body, starting with our most versatile grip.

Basic grip

Using a basic grip can extend your reach and easily address your legs without bending over or overtaxing your upper body.

Overhand grip

Using an overhand grip allows easy access to the shoulders and back, eliminating the burden on the hands and arms caused by traditional grip designs.

Persevere and never stop.

The weapon of Theragun is suitable for walking.

  • Theragun Mini

    With the pace of life, it brings ubiquitous relief.

  • Theragun PRO

    Deep and powerful restorative effects.

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