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about Us


KOOZLA is the Taiwan general agent of the American professional sports brand Therabody "Theragun", the Taiwan general agent of Backbone, the Taiwan general agent of Cricut, and the Japanese e-commerce agent of Hypersonic.

By connecting the most iconic brands with the most innovative marketing channels across Asia , Gusla inspires a borderless life no matter where you are .

KOOZLA Founded in Taiwan in 2021 during the COVID lockdown , its mission is to provide Taiwanese consumers with lifestyle and experiences from some of the world's top brands . To do this, we seek to understand the true essence of each brand in order to properly educate the public and share the story. At the same time, we provide brands with trustworthy brand management solutions across regions. What travel restrictions have taught us is that international business can still operate remotely , but only if you have great partners or local employees. Brands that like a streamlined, low-risk market entry strategy should definitely choose "KOOZLA" as an alternative to localized management and operations .

KOOZLA through Develop specific brands by developing multi-channel marketing and management strategies in target countries . KOOZLA From a complete market analysis, we understand that different partners have different advantages and disadvantages, so we adopt a multi-party management approach that combines direct, indirect and outsourcing services to achieve the best market performance while providing the most authentic services to local consumers. brand experience.

about Us

A Canadian, an American and a Japanese, all three are super good friends who were born in Taiwan and got together because of their families. Since our children are in the same school, we arranged a winter trip to Taiwan's famously beautiful Taroko Gorge. There , we reflected on life in the pandemic and what the new normal might mean for our own children when they grow up. To be honest, this sounds pretty scary. What if they don’t have the freedom to explore the world like we did when we were young?

While we currently don’t have a solution for today’s youth, we decided to do something to bring a better life around the world to people in Taiwan and beyond. As we looked at the clouds covering the canyon, albeit briefly, we saw the familiar shape of a Godzilla dinosaur. Therefore, we immediately decided to establish KOOZLA to accurately position the most iconic lifestyle brand and bring its original brand experience to local people.

The founders of KOOZLA have all worked on projects for international brands such as Gigabyte , HP , Volcom , Quiksilver , ALDO and GoPro , as well as long-term management of project management, procurement and brand strategy . Combining more than sixty years of professional knowledge and experience in their respective fields, a strong KOOZLA team has been created . KOOZLA makes it easier for brands that want to enter Asia to operate , and also enables people in Asian countries to interact closely with these brands and enjoy amazing life experiences.