Gel Blaster, the global market leader in water blasters, today announced a multi-year licensing agreement with the science fiction video game series Halo, bringing the Halo universe into the world of water blasters.

Gel Blaster's team will work with Halo to create a new product line that incorporates the visual style of the Halo series. For fans of the Gel Blaster, they will see the water blast experience taken to new heights. For Halo fans, they will be able to experience the fun of Gel Blaster, right in the universe they know and love.

"We're excited about how the Halo universe is brought to life through Gel Blaster products." Head of Halo and Xbox Consumer Products “With Halo’s incredible cosmic settings and Gel Blaster’s commitment to great products, we’re excited to create a unique experience together,” said John Friend .

"Gel Blaster and our gaming experiences have taken over the world and experienced truly incredible growth in recent years. Going forward, we will focus on immersive, technology-driven games, and there is no game more incredible than Halo The universe is better suited for a series built around these new experiences." Gel Blaster CEO Colin Guinn said: “This is just the beginning of the future game plan for Gel Blaster.”

The first Halo products licensed by Gel Blaster will be announced in 2024 and will be available through Gel Blaster's international retail partners.
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