NEXUS: Back to the Future

Today at the IAAPA Expo, Gel Blaster—the market leader in water blasters and the fastest growing toy company in 2022 (according to Circana)—announced the launch of Nexus, an innovative gaming system that disrupts The pattern of interactive games.

Known as " Nexus™ at the Experience Game Center is a new combination of paintball, laser guns and arcade games that brings a unique physical and virtual gaming experience to team gun games. Expected to be available starting in the summer of 2024, Nexus will be available in partnership with select U.S. partners Launch of customized location-based entertainment hubs to attract players to partner venues.

The Nexus system introduces three gaming components: the Nexus gun, the wearable Nexus vest, and the Nexus smart target. All three use the ESP32 special network communication protocol to achieve a dynamic first-person shooter game mode that is perfectly integrated with the experience of physical water bombs.

The Nexus water gun is a marvel of engineering, firing water projectiles at 170-240 feet per second, with the game's system adjusting the rate of fire on the fly. The gun is equipped with an infrared transmitter, ultrasonic sensor and full-scale display, providing players with a fully immersive gaming experience and keeping track of their game status and equipment.

The gun is also matched with the Nexus vest, which has a built-in battery. Pressure panel, surrounded by more than 600 programmable RGB LED lights. The vest not only accurately detects hits, but also provides visual, auditory and tactile cues through animations and the Nexus AI voice assistant to enhance the player experience.

Nexus Smart Targets are strategic points in the gaming arena. Equipped with the same technology as the Nexus vest, these targets can be used as dynamic targets, changing the situation at any time according to the game.

All of this is controlled through advanced software that controls gameplay and monitors hardware usage. Teams can participate in multiple game modes, and the system calculates scores and records hits in player profiles. The Nexus system provides players with an exciting video gaming entertainment experience.

Water blasters have been piloted at Main Event, a Texas entertainment center, and offer the traditional Gel Blaster® gaming experience at more than 100 locations around the world. Now, the company plans to significantly expand its experiential footprint within select partner entertainment centers starting in mid-to-late 2024 with the launch of Nexus.

Join us and shape the future of interactive gaming with Gel Blaster. Go Play!
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