RecoveryTherm Cube: 冷熱敷舒緩儀,從頭到腳的重新設計。

RecoveryTherm Cube: Hot and cold compress soothing device, redesigned from head to toe.

what is RecoveryTherm Cube?

RecoveryTherm Cube is a revolutionary technology that is wireless and portable to instantly provide cold, hot, and alternating hot and cold compresses in a size small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. Starting today, you can use it easily wherever and whenever you want.

Cube is a unique product - unlike other hot and cold compress devices on the market, you only need one button to enjoy hot and cold compresses, it's so easy, forget about the ice cubes, forget about the wires, or even forget that you are using it. The Cube is small and lightweight, and can be completely handheld. You can also use the Cube's adjustable straps, allowing you to easily tie it to any part of your body. Set it, forget it and let the Cube do its thing.

Cold compresses are scientifically proven to effectively reduce swelling, hot compresses relieve soreness and stiffness, and alternating hot and cold compresses combine the best of both worlds - maximizing the benefits of both.

RecoveryTherm Cube hot and cold compress device

Cold compress: cool and soothing

Cold compresses have been scientifically proven to relieve soreness and swelling. But why use ice packs or frozen tricolor beans 😛?

Aside from making a huge mess, have you ever been burned by an ice cube? Unlike ice packs, Cube is scientifically calibrated to deliver the precise temperature needed for a cold compress. You can simply choose from three built-in temperatures: 8 degrees, 12 degrees and 16 degrees, and the Cube maintains a constant temperature during the entire process, unlike traditional cold compress bags that can only maintain a cold compress effect for a few minutes.

RecoveryTherm Cube Heat Device

Soothing hot compress

Hot compresses can help reduce tension, stiffness, and soreness. Perfect for those who work for a long time or after a long flight. Unlike traditional heating pads (which also need to be plugged in during use), Cube's hot compresses provide three suitable temperatures you can choose from: 35 degrees, 39 degrees, and 43 degrees.

Hot and cold compress device

Alternate hot and cold compresses for best results

For those times when cold or heat alone don't work, Cube also offers alternating hot and cold compresses, which automatically alternate between cold and hot compresses - catering to your needs more effectively. Perfect for feeling tired or sore after an intense workout. Cube’s alternating hot and cold application temperature can be customized, but the default setting is 8 degrees and Alternate between 43 degrees to achieve the best results.

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