Therabody 的 RecoveryTherm Cube 被列入《時代》雜誌2023年度最佳發明

Therabody’s RecoveryTherm Cube is listed among Time Magazine’s Best Inventions of 2023

Los Angeles, October 24, 2023 - Therabody, a global pioneer in health technology, is pleased to announce that their revolutionary product, the RecoveryTherm Cube™, has been named a Time Magazine Best Invention of 2023. This prestigious honor recognizes the RecoveryTherm Cube's revolutionary introduction of portable heat, cold and contrast therapy, revolutionizing the way we manage pain and injury.

Each year, TIME editors and correspondents from around the world work together to select 200 extraordinary innovations that are changing lives and reshaping industries. The inventions were evaluated based on criteria such as originality, effectiveness, ambition and impact. Therabody's RecoveryTherm Cube stands out as truly cutting-edge technology in the ever-evolving world of health and fitness technology.

The RecoveryTherm Cube is a revolutionary product for portable pain relief. It combines instant hot, cold and alternating application of hot and cold, using precise, science-backed temperatures to ensure you get the right temperature every time. This compact, cordless and portable device fits in the palm of your hand, providing relief wherever and whenever you need it. Whether you choose hands-free use or handheld operation, the RecoveryTherm Cube is designed to effectively relieve sore joints, muscles, and soft tissue.

“The RecoveryTherm Cube was born out of our relentless pursuit to seamlessly integrate cutting-edge technology with the proven benefits of targeted cold relief,” said Dr. Jason Wersland, Founder and Chief Wellness Officer. "This breakthrough product represents our ongoing commitment to redefining recovery methodologies, delivering an unparalleled home experience, and promoting overall wellness. We are extremely proud of the advancements Cube has brought to the wellness landscape and this high honor from The Times Reinforces our commitment to delivering innovative solutions with global impact."

About Therabody
Therabody® is a leader in health technology designed to inspire and empower everyone's body and mind. Founded by Jason Wersland, Ph.D., who invented the category-defining percussion therapy device Theragun® for soreness relief after traumatic accidents, the company's product and content ecosystem has expanded beyond muscle recovery to include hardware, proprietary software, Digital content and biometrics, with benefits for the mind and body.

Science is in Therabody's DNA; products and services are validated through modern science and internal and external research. Therabody's products are FDA registered, recognized by the medical, sports and beauty communities, and loved by millions of consumers around the world.

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