Unbox Therapy評論 - 為什麼“開放式設計”很重要?

Unbox Therapy Review – Why is “Open Design” Important?

...and I think it's an absolutely cool solution for certain situations, for people who need to stay connected to their surroundings. "

We are very excited to have Unbox Therapy come to review our products.

Unbox Therapy is one of the most well-known technology review channels on YouTube. In this channel you can find the coolest products on the planet. From the latest smartphones to surprising gadgets and tech gadgets you never knew existed.

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in-ear In-Ear vs. Open-Ear: Wearing experience

In this video, Lewis shares his experience using in-ear headphones for exercise:

"Wearing (noise-cancelling headphones) during certain activities in crowded public environments is scary... I also sometimes avoid wearing noise-cancelling headphones while exercising."

If you, like Lewis, need to hear ambient sounds while exercising or commuting, then oladance is designed for you:

"I can definitely hear sirens or horns, and I can still enjoy the content in my headphones. (Great for) watching videos, listening to audiobooks, podcasts..."

Lewis also tested the wearing stability of oladance. These headphones stay securely in Lewis' ears while running or jumping:

Open-back headphones vs bone conduction headphones: sound quality

Bone conduction headphones also offer an open design, allowing people to hear surrounding sounds while playing music. But why does oladance perform better?

In the video, Lewis compares the two technologies, and here's what he has to say:

"Wow... let me tell you straight, it's not like bone conduction at all. It's more like wearing a pair of headphones. I mean the volume, the clarity, the bass... it's way beyond bone conduction All that can be done.”

This is because oladance sends sound directly to your ears, so it doesn't negatively affect the sound quality. You'll hear clear highs, lows, and punchy bass without any compromise on sound quality. Bone conduction headphones transmit sound through vibration, and the sound quality will be damaged in the process.

oladance also features a smart app where you can adjust the equalizer, bass, and more to create your favorite tone.

About Unbox Therapy
With 18.2 million subscribers, Unbox Therapy is one of the most influential technology reviewers on YouTube. Unbox Therapy allows viewers to experience the latest technology products and obtain the most popular technology information. Audiences love his fun and down-to-earth commentary style, and his videos averaged about 3.7 million views in 2020.

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