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Backbone One Android version "Randomly comes with a 500 yuan point card"

Backbone One Android version "Randomly comes with a 500 yuan point card"

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Koozla Co., Ltd., the general agent in Taiwan, enjoys the original factory warranty, the fastest service, and the most secure purchase!

Randomly comes with a 500 yuan point card, the quantity is limited, while supplies last!

  • PlayStation version Comes with a 500 yuan PlayStation Store points stored value card
  • Standard Edition Comes with a 500 yuan Xbox gift card

Transform your Android phone into the ultimate gaming console. Buckle up and play any controller-enabled game or service, including Xbox Cloud Gaming, or even stream directly from your Xbox or PC. No complicated settings. Charge quickly via the pass-through USB-C port and listen with wired headphones via the 3.5mm audio port. Discover a new world of advanced gaming in seconds.

Attach a Backbone wireless controller to your smartphone and play your favorite games anywhere.
Log in to your profile to register and immediately get one year of free Backbone+ exclusive application services to enjoy the most extreme sensory experience.

Can it be installed directly on the phone case?

In some cases yes.

Backbone One is a form-fitting phone controller that, to be a sophisticated input device, must fit snugly into your phone. Therefore, you may need to remove oversized accessories before installing the Backbone One controller.

What are the differences between the standard version and the PlayStation version?

In addition to the black difference, the standard version comes with a 1-month free trial of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and buttons equipped with ABXY interface. The PlayStation version features the same white and PlayStation graphic corresponding buttons as the PS5. The PlayStation version does not include the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate trial.

Does my phone support it?

Supported by almost any device running Android 8.0 or higher that supports USB-C.

Do I need an Xbox, Playstation or PC to use Backbone One?

Not required at all, unless you want to play Xbox, Playstation or Steam remotely.

Do I need the Backbone App to use Backbone One?

No, but Backbone App provides a rich community experience, we believe you will like it!

Does Backbone One need to be charged?

No, the Backbone One doesn't have a battery. Backbone One uses a very small amount of your phone's power to run. Its power consumption is so low that it is imperceptible.

We also designed a pass-through USB-C port on Backbone One so you can charge your phone while gaming.

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