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Gel Blaster Surge American gel bullet toy gun

Gel Blaster Surge American gel bullet toy gun

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Experience the passion of Surge with our revolutionary Gellets. Rechargeable, non-marking, non-chemical and totally kid-friendly!

  • Semi-automatic and fully automatic firing modes
  • Comes with 10,000 Gellets®
  • Gellets® begin to dehydrate after impact
  • Enjoy up to 4 hours of gaming time on a single charge via USB-C

Each Surge Blaster package includes:
Gel Blaster Surge, 10,000 Gellets®, low-velocity tube, removal tool, USB-C charging cable, safety glasses, instruction manual.

Product specifications

  • Smart barrel (adjustable rate of fire)
  • Interchangeable colored wings for team play
  • Magazine holds 800 Gellets
  • Accessory mounting rails
  • Selectable firing modes: single shot and fully automatic
  • Supports USB-C fast charging
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Use our Gellets

Gellets will instantly break and begin to disintegrate upon impact, so you don’t need to spend too much time cleaning them up, spend your time enjoying shooting!

How to use Gellets?
Just soak Gellets in water for 2 hours and let them expand before use.

How does it feel to be hit by a gel bomb?
There is a slight tingling sensation, making the whole experience even more exciting! A slight stinging sensation like being hit by a rubber band.

Buy Gellets Gellets
  • magazine

  • goggles

  • USB-C charging cable

  • 10,000 Gellets

common problem

What’s the furthest range Surge can shoot?

The longest range of Surge is 30 meters, but short-range shooting is more exciting.