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Theragun Standard Ball standard massage head

Theragun Standard Ball standard massage head

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Options for full body use or general use

The standard massage head is designed for full-body use and is suitable for large and small muscle groups. Compared with shock absorbers, standard ball accessories have a smaller shape, higher impact force and more targeted impact, making them your preferred accessory during exercise.
-Made from comfortable closed cell polyurethane foam
-Easy to clean, hygienic and reliable
-Does not absorb sweat, lotion or oil
-Compatible with PRO, Elite, Prime, mini, G3PRO and G3
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Strength 5/10

The Standard Ball massage head combines a small surface area with medium impact force, allowing for more targeted percussion treatments while being broadly applicable to large and small muscle groups. We recommend using this accessory during exercise to quickly activate muscles and remove lactic acid build-up.

Comfortable closed-cell foam material

Not all accessories are created equal. Most accessories on the market are made of hard plastic and metal, which can cause harm to the body, so our accessories are designed with closed-cell PU foam for safety and comfort.

More than 10 years of research and design

Each Theragun massage head is designed with a unique shape and the right amount of impact to ensure proper treatment in the right areas, the result of years of research and feedback from founder Dr. Jason Wersland's actual patients.

Easy to clean

We use closed-cell foam so sweat, lotion and oil can be wiped away easily, ensuring a more hygienic experience.

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Device compatibility:
Fourth generation: PRO, Elite, Prime, mini
Third generation: G3PRO, G3

Dimensions: 37.4mm x 48mm

Material: closed cell foam

Weight: 17 grams