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Wave Duo Smart Vibrating Massage Peanut

Wave Duo Smart Vibrating Massage Peanut

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Ergonomically designed to accommodate the back, spine and neck, this portable smart vibrating roller is a unique and versatile rolling solution. Five powerful vibration frequencies and high-grip wave grooves work together to provide just the right angle and pressure to target areas of need, releasing pain, reducing tension, and improving range of motion.

  • The curved design conforms to the spine and safely targets muscles for targeted rolling.
  • 5 customizable vibration frequencies
  • Innovative wave texture provides maximum grip
  • Smart devices with Bluetooth connectivity
  • 200 minutes of battery life
  • Silent, using noise-absorbing silicone
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Back tension? Neck discomfort? Some days you might just want to do a little scrolling. Wave Duo is reshaping the future of rolling and recovery.

Protect spine and back

The Wave Duo's form-fitting design comfortably applies pressure to the high and low points of the back muscles on both sides of the spine.

neck and upper body

Long hours in video conferences and hard work every day can cause constant stress on the upper body. Wave Duo quickly relieves "tech neck" issues and comfortably applies pressure to this sensitive area.

Relax lower body

Curved to fit the calves, hamstrings and glutes, evenly distributing pressure for a balanced effect when rolling these muscles.

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