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Wave Roller Smart Vibrating Massage Roller

Wave Roller Smart Vibrating Massage Roller

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The Wave Roller combines powerful vibration therapy with an innovative wave texture to deliver the most powerful and efficient full-body foam rolling experience. This Bluetooth-enabled vibrating foam roller allows you to connect to the Therabody app for a personalized recovery routine that releases tension and increases mobility where you need it most.

  • High-density foam used to reduce noise
  • Smart devices with Bluetooth connectivity
  • 5 customizable vibration frequencies
  • 3 hours of continuous use battery life
  • Allergen Hypoallergenic Surface
  • 12 inches for full body support

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Whether you're an avid foam roller exerciser or looking to complement your recovery schedule, the Wave Roller is a versatile way to meet your body's needs, providing smooth, quiet rolling with just the right amount of pressure.

large muscle groups

The Wave Roller maximizes contact with the body, making it an extremely efficient choice for rolling large muscle groups such as hamstrings, thighs, and back muscles.

Relax your whole body

The Wave Roller maximizes surface area, allowing for complete full-body rolling, making it ideal for those looking to release tension and more comprehensive recovery throughout the body.

Hips and upper back

The Wave Roller's asymmetrical wave-like grooves provide the texture and grip needed to apply optimal pressure in areas of the body with large variations in surface area, such as the hips and upper back.

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