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Wave Solo smart vibration massage ball

Wave Solo smart vibration massage ball

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This ultra-portable smart vibrating massage device delivers precise pressure and vibration to specific areas to reduce tension and improve movement. Three powerful vibration frequencies and an innovative corrugated texture allow its ergonomic shape to reach deep into hard-to-reach areas, while our innovative QuietRoll technology effectively reduces sound and resonance.

  • Small surface area delivers precise pressure to specific treatment points
  • 3 customizable vibration frequencies
  • QuietRoll technology reduces echo sounds
  • Smart devices that support Bluetooth connectivity
  • 120 minutes of battery life
  • Innovative wave texture for maximum grip
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Targeted floor relaxation

Feet are the unknown heroes of the body, taking on most of our stress throughout the day. Place your feet on the Wave Solo and rest your body weight on the device. The extra pressure allows its powerful vibrational frequencies to penetrate deeper and release your tension.

Sitting hamstring relaxation

Recover and work at the same time. Place the Wave Solo under your hamstrings while seated to release any pain or tension.

Relax your upper body

Bring your chest or upper body closer to the Wave Solo to release pain and tension that may be there but you may not be aware of.

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